An invitation to trust in your dreams and make them matter in the most remarkable way.

Dream Coaching: Private 1-on-1 sessions with Sophie Michaud

Why Dream Weaver?

Reconnect with the gift of your imagination to live a fuller life which includes your nights. We spend about ⅓ of our lives asleep, making movies in the darkness of our physical resting hours. Working with dreams is accessing your own cinema where you create, produce, and act in your inner narratives. 


At a deeper level, I consider the Dreamlands a sacred space where we can make meaningful connections across space and time that nourish the Soul in a life-affirming way.


Engage with the content of your nights to invest in a much bigger story. One that includes all of who you are.


If you have an interest in consciously connecting with your inner world at a deeper level, interacting with your nights’ library of stories, characters, and images to harness your power to understand, heal, inspire, and restore your personal landscape, Dream Weaver is for you.

Open new paths of possibility.

Sophie Michaud is a wonderful artist, intuitive and dream teacher who can help you to grow big dreams and see them manifest in your world. She has the gift of calling out the inner artist and the magical child in each of us to play better games and give us the imagination and vital energy to open new paths of possibility. She will coax you, gently but irresistibly, to find and live your bigger and braver story, and that can change everything.
Robert Moss, bestselling author of Conscious Dreaming and The Secret History of Dreaming
Robert Moss

What kind of dreamer are you?

We all have the ability to dream, regardless if we remember our night stories or not.

Dreaming is a highly personal experience and we dream in all kinds of ways.

Becoming an active dreamer means CHOOSING to take our dreams seriously and to heed their guidance, advice, celebrations, pointers, warnings, and blessings.

To dream consciously is to honor your limitless potential as a vast, dynamic being.


Claim Your Nights' Sacred Gifts

Ally bio

As a person who has written down dreams for some time but struggled to unveil their deeper meaning, I entered into my dreamwork time with Sophie as, essentially, a newcomer. Sophie’s gentle guidance was clear and accessible from the moment I sent my first snippet of a dream to her. She provided playful prompts that led me to explore my inner world with love and just enough information to uncover deep treasure within my nighttime story. I explored a dream that scared and frustrated me and Sophie led me to discover a sacred gift it held — including wisdom from an unlikely source. This experience was a wonderful entryway for me to see the power my dreams hold and how they connect to my waking life. Sophie is an experienced dream coach who will guide you to unveil the richness of your nighttime adventures!”


Ally Markotich, Artist and Founder of Soul Kindling LLC

What happened to "it's only a dream"?

Dreams are a function of imagination – an active territory of scientific research that is complex and mysterious. A lot has yet to be understood from the logical mind’s perspective about what’s available when we dream. Let’s not accept this as the end of the story, however.


Imagination is a wild playground, full of possibilities. I consider it our highest potential as human beings, capable of shaping entire worlds. Ask a child.


I invite you to reclaim your imaginative power and enter in conscious relationship with your dreams that have the power to ignite your spark.


Imagination has an extraordinary purpose:
it is a key to access our vast creative potential as human beings.


How do we roll in a dream coaching session?

  • Sessions last approximately 45 minutes via Zoom.
  • I welcome you to a curated space of love, respect, and honoring of wherever you are on your journey as a dreamer.
  • My role is to guide you in dream sharing so that you can access your own interpretation.
  • I hold space for deep processing leading to a course of action that feels aligned with your intentions.
Sophie standing with "Soul Speak", a painting of her own dreams, illustrating this page and hosting its energy.

Any logistics I should be aware of?

  • You choose a journey of either 3, 6, or 9 sessions to start.
  • You will need a journal, your favorite pens and colored pencils or markers, and a wide open mind anchored in the intention to show up for yourself.
  • Set up a 30-min free call with me to connect, ask your questions, and explore pricing options.


Answering a few questions you may have:

What if I don’t remember my dreams? Can I still work with you?
Yes. If you are interested in (re)establishing a deep connection with your dreams, there are multiple ways to help you remember them. We can work together to help you reconnect.

What happens once I schedule an initial consultation with you?
We discuss your intention to do this work with me and determine whether it is a good fit for the both of us. If it is, we will discuss pricing options and plan your journey together.

Why do you require a 3-session commitment at minimum? 
For several reasons. First, my coaching work is relationship-based and relationships take time to develop. Second, working with dreams require a commitment to engaging with the process over time to integrate the power of their wisdom. We are setting ourselves up for success.


More questions? Book a connection call with me.


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