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Hand-drawn visual capture of your big ideas, important messages, meetings, professional learning experiences, & leadership retreats.

Graphic recording is the process of taking visual notes, including words and images, to capture the essence of a message. The result is an organized, cohesive, and condensed illustrated document that reflects visually the information shared during a particular event. As such, graphic recording is a highly specialized and customized service. 

To get a refresher on why working visually is worth your consideration and investment, click here.

Graphic recording adds value to your work in the following ways:

  • It makes information visible and accessible 
  • It includes and records all contributing voices in the room
  • It breaks down information for immediate clarity
  • It helps participants focus and retain important information faster with less effort
  • It documents information for post-event reflection 
  • It is a creative and joyful addition that supports and enhances your own vision 

Please note that graphic recording is a non-facilitating role, which means that a graphic recorder captures content in silence, deeply listening to the information shared at the event. The graphic recorder works closely with the lead organizers and facilitators ahead of, during, and after the event to ensure quality visuals.

Get started with graphic recording & illustration:

  1. Book a free 30 min consultation call via Zoom or phone to discuss your project.
  2. Project fees include content capture, pre- and post-production work, edits, and files. Two flat rates are available: Half day = $1,250 / Full day = $2,500.

Featured Experience

Leadership Team Retreat, The Lovett School, Atlanta, GA.

“When planning a retreat to launch the formation of a new leadership team, Sophie was an essential ingredient to our success. Individual members told the stories of their professional journeys, from the jobs they didn’t take to the siblings that forged their resilience, and Sophie captured these visually. Each representation was gifted to the team members as a reminder of our time together and the commitments we made to our team. Additionally, five “flash speakers” were invited to inspire the group of school leaders. Each one had five minutes to detail a vision for post-pandemic education. Sophie, even working in her virtual capacity, was able to capture these exhortations in a way that inspired all who were not in attendance. 

Sophie’s pictures are detailed, engaging, and colorful, but these visuals belie her attuned ear. She knows how to distill words down to an essential message and communicate it visually in a way that reaches the broadest audience. Her work does far more than “record” what was said. Instead, her artwork facilitates further dialogue and provides a mirror for those represented so they can better understand the impact of their words using multiple modalities.  

As you work with her, the value of this type of facilitation and recording becomes more and more obvious and ideas for further work become essential priorities to build a team, connect individuals, and inspire a school, all in service to children. While educator and artist might be two labels that Sophie has worn professionally, she is also a consummate listener, capturing the story and emotion underneath the words, an empathetic leader, understanding what a group needs to sustain and inspire their work, and a lifelong learner, joining a team in their own growth. We will continue to weave this unique type of facilitation, with Sophie at the helm, into our own learning as we move forward.” 

~Chelle Wabrek, Associate Head of School at The Lovett School, Atlanta, GA.

Featured Experience

Professional Learning Day, Metairie Park Country Day School, New Orleans, LA.

“Sophie and her eye-catching graphics played an integral part in capturing the highlights from our speakers during our school’s professional learning day.  She listened in the background as our keynote kicked off the day for our faculty and provided an impressive visual that served as a valuable tool for follow-up conversations.  Additionally, she tuned in again as our rapid-fire panel closed out the day. Sophie once again beautifully captured the highlights from each presentation. Her “notes” have since served as prompts for future discussions among our faculty and administration.”

~Kate Turnbull, Director of Professional Learning at MPCDS, Metairie, LA.