L’Atelier/The Workshop: 30-min intuitive painting stations


30-min intuitive painting stations with Artist Sophie Michaud

In person @Painted Love, 145 Belmont Ave Suite 2, Buffalo NY 14223

Register here for the date you plan on attending.  Select from the drop-down menu. Please note:

  • Registrations are helpful yet not required for parties of 1-2. 
  • Registration are required for parties of 3+.
  • A separate registration is required for each date you plan on attending. 

Once you are registered, claim your 30 minutes at the studio anytime between 1-4:30pm on the date you selected. The studio closes at 5:00pm.

See description below for further details!


Are you curious about intuitive painting? 

Would you like to give it a try without attending a full class?

Join Sophie to enjoy a 30-minute intuitive painting station during her open studio hours!


  • 30 minutes of painting time, $15 per person, all materials provided.
  • Self-guided, with Sophie’s careful instructions prepared for you and Sophie’s presence in the studio as you create.
  • Monthly, on the 3rd Saturday, anytime from 1-5:00pm at Painted Love studio.
  • Perfect for children and adults, 10 years old and up. Children need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. No painting experience necessary.
  • Registrations are helpful yet not required for parties of 1-2. 
  • Registration required for parties of 3+.


The boutique is open for your perusing delight during this time even if you are not participating in the painting stations. Let yourself be tempted by soulful artsy gifts for yourself or someone you love! Or simply walk in, sit with the art around you and sip a cup of tea, complimentary.

Why try intuitive painting?

Intuitive painting is an act of radical self-expression. It is less about making “art” that “needs” to be beautiful by imposed standards and more about discovering your authentic creative voice. Each of us is a unique piece of art. We pick up a brush to play and discover who we are in the process. 

It is perfect for:

  • Tuning in to your natural creativity and imagination
  • Letting go of control and obsessive thinking
  • Practicing self-awareness
  • Opening up to your inner wisdom (aka your intuition)
  • Taking a break from distraction and listening.

The benefits of intuitive painting are many for the soul but don’t just take my word for it. Come try it for yourself! See you there!