Powerhouse: building yourself up from the inside out for girls 11-14


Intuitive Acrylic Painting Session with Artist Sophie Michaud

Saturday, September 30, 1-3pm

In person @Painted Love, 145 Belmont Ave Suite 2, Buffalo NY 14223

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Create an original painting of what being a powerhouse means to you and cultivate being a positive force for yourself and others!

In this class designed for younger girls, we’re exploring inner strength, positive self-image, confidence, and creative potential through intuitive painting. 

What comes to mind when I say “powerhouse”? Do you see yourself here, painting your own definition of what that word means to you in a supportive and encouraging environment?  Hint: I’m not talking about popularity. I’m talking about what feels powerful inside of you from a gut standpoint, that place where you get to feel connected to your own awesome Self.

In today’s world, being our true selves can be risky – we might expose ourselves to potential harm from others. We compare and compete against each other, trying to figure out who we need to be to “fit in” and avoid being seen as weird or weak. It can be scary to stand up for ourselves and others. 

What we need to do is to build ourselves up to develop a strong inner power foundation we can rely on. This class champions your goodness and your genius and helps you find a way to see it for yourself through a guided intuitive painting process. Join me, Sophie Michaud, to explore the powerhouse that you already are on canvas!

Why should we paint about this? Can’t we just “talk” about it?

Not if we want to talk to the parts of ourselves that know more than our minds can grasp. We are in our heads A LOT. We process mentally in circles to exhaustion. We reason with feelings, when feelings speak in images first, not words. Intuitive painting provides an access to ask our bodies and to connect with our intuition to reveal what FEELS true to us. It is a natural, simple, and satisfying way to return to ourselves while having fun.

What can you expect? 

As per tradition in my classes, we will start class with weaving the red thread of healthy, authentic connection with ourselves and each other. We will then explore the concept of inner power through storytelling. Then, we will head on over to our canvas and paint our own image of inner power through an intuitive painting process of my design.

Who is this for?

For girls 11-14 who are interested in artful self-expression and who are curious about discovering the source of their inner power to feel more confident, self-loving, and supportive of themselves and others from an authentic place.

No painting experience required – We are not painting for perfection, we are painting for process. This intuitive creative process is simple yet powerful. All levels welcome!

Please note:

  • This session is in person at Painted Love Arts & Wellness in Buffalo, NY
  • This class is for girls, 10-14 years old. Drop off recommended, yet one parent/guardian can stay. Complimentary tea!
  • All materials are included in the tuition.