Welcome To My Studio!

I made the deliberate choice of including a studio space because sharing my personal approach and showing my artwork is modeling my own commitment to the courage of authentic presence and self-expression.

It is also a great joy to share with you what inspires me and my work. Visit my full studio and shop at www.viasophiastudios.com 


Through making art I seek to:

  • Pay attention, practicing awareness
  • Make visible what comes up for me behind the scenes
  • Connect with, observe, and explore my relationship to my surroundings
  • Own and process what is mine while releasing what is no longer helpful to me
  • Communicate what I see to reflect, share, and appreciate a bigger picture of life
  • Be intentionally present, slow down, enjoy the process, and practice gratitude

Ultimately, the artistic process is one that challenges me to look at myself and how I show up in the world, gently leading the way toward the changes I need to make to live a more aligned life. Conversely, art teaches me to pay empathetic attention to what is on the outside of me, building proximity with my surroundings in a curious, respectful, and honoring way.


Most of my artworks are mixed media acrylic paintings that I then photograph in a specific context that tells a story.

The painting and the environment are interdependent, both having an impact on each other. I take a picture to bear witness to their relationship. This is a storytelling process in which the subtext of the painting unfolds based on the environment it is embedded in. It is like opening a letter from within that third space, in which a story is revealed and accessible to me in a language I understand.

The result is a form of collaborative alliance between painting and environment, both acts of creation, that speak truth to each other without imposing on one another. A non-dominant form of coexistence, seeking dialogue

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If you would like to connect with me about my art, please contact me via this form or visit the full studio at ViaSophiaStudios for more art, stories, and a chance to shop awesome artsy products.