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An invitation to grow closer to yourself & trust your intuition.


Visual Intuitive Guidance & Coaching
Private 1-on-1 sessions with Sophie Michaud


I support you through major life transitions: 
When you are on the cusp of change in challenging situations, 
walking the edge of a new territory 
at a potent time of transformation.


Why Threshold?

Change is an intense time in our personal stories. When our lives are turned upside down in the face of a deeply challenging situation, it is time to go within in deeper ways than we ever have. If you are experiencing powerful shifts in your life or are considering making a major transition, this private coaching is for you. 

If you have a desire to work with avant-garde visual processes to dig deep into your inner world at this time of inquiry and creative choice, I welcome you to this experience with hope and excitement.


Why choose private guidance?

Change is an opportunity for deep transformation where clarity, direction, inspiration, inner alignment and healing are available if only we pay attention. CHANGE CAN BE THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO YOU. 

To navigate change with intention, invest in a skilled guide who

    • offers a compassionate ear to witness our story and helps us believe in ourselves
    • helps us create a way through change that is specific to our personal situation 
    • holds a mirror of our processing to SEE and BE SEEN
    • champions our courage and keeps us accountable to the promises we make to ourselves. 
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A Balm For Uncertain Times

Sophie Michaud is a gifted teacher and artist with an innate ability to distill what matters most in the lives of those she serves.  Her unstoppable drive and unshakeable faith is a balm for these uncertain times we live in.  Through her unique blend of creative processes and active dreaming techniques she will skillfully and artfully lead you to a life of more joy, creativity, purpose and meaning.  Working with Sophie you will feel supported, guided, nourished, and completely heard while transforming at speeds you never knew possible.  She is a woman of high integrity who walks her talk and shows others what is possible with an unwavering faith in their inner connection to the divine.  

Monica Kenton, Spiritual Guide for Life and Business & Dream Teacher

What is a Threshold?

A career change, a new creative project, caring for a sick child, a partner, a parent or a friend; experiencing illness ourselves, losing a loved one, raising children, the end of a relationship or the beginning of a new one, a pandemic, moving away from home, starting your own business, seeking God. 

These are some of the Threshold moments in our lives when we have to face the chaotic winds of change, and each of these moments exist on a spectrum. We travel through madlands with our hair on fire during this phase, and it is a deeply personal experience. It is also what I consider a sacred time.


Regardless of the nature of your own threshold, we can agree that it’s INTENSE.


    • We have to figure something out and we don’t quite know how. 
    • We need the room to process and use tools that befriend the intensity of our processing and seeing. 
    • We seek to trust someone or something we can ground ourselves in as we walk the path of transformation, hoping for peace, support, and guidance.



Dig Deep To Discover Your Path

I came to Sophie with many questions and a heavy load of self doubt. What did she offer me? Reflections of my own stories – integrated and cohesive, and a fair amount of questions… challenging questions. I think questions are one of her greatest gifts. She knows that her clients hold the answers they seek; they simply need to work through what is masking the answer(s) being sought. And, she is gentle about the sifting and sorting of all of those emotion-laden stories. For me, I immediately recognized the absence of judgment. Even meeting virtually, I felt a connection with Sophie which allowed me to really dig deep into my most authentic and vulnerable self to discover my path. Her impact was strong, and I always left our time together feeling hopeful, content, and open to either trying something new or willing to try something yet again.

j. e. bowders, Leadership & Life Coach

A message from Sophie:

Play Video about To Edgewalkers, facing change

How do we roll in a Threshold session?

Sessions last approximately 45 minutes via Zoom. I welcome you to a curated space of love, respect, and honoring of wherever you are on your journey. I do not attempt to “fix” you or pretend to know what you don’t. I believe in your wholeness and vast potential to find your own answers. We open with grounding, intention-setting, and inquiry. 

Processing modalities include:

  • Intuitive drawing (no drawing experience required!)
  • Live visual capture of the big moments of our dialogue
  • Visualizations
  • Somatics (body awareness)
  • Dreamwork
  • Action Plans



Working with Sophie is a delight!  Sophie brings a compassionate, wholehearted presence and listens to you with her entire being. She asks intriguing, challenging questions which brings an experience of fascination to the conversation.  I find dreaming into the future with Sophie is so easeful and rich. Clarifying my vision and calling with Sophie’s guidance becomes a memorable experience that I continue to reference as I curate my learning and entrepreneurial journey. 

Chatelle Jeram, Wellness Coach & founder of KelleStudio

Why is Threshold unique?

What I observe in our society is that we value and reward:


  • intellect over emotional charge, senses, and intuition
  • product over process
  • avoidance over deep inner work
  • performance & duty over slowing down and self care 
  • external gratification over internal focus

Yet we are multidimensional beings, perceiving and receiving information way beyond the confines of our conscious mind. We are far more dynamic than the established rules would like to make room for. We have a limitless creative potential. We have unique gifts to share.


But first we have to place ourselves back on the map and get to know who we are over everyone else’s voice and influence. We have to go within.


In Threshold we propose to reestablish balance and avoid extremes. We practice an “all in” approach, honoring all of your centers of intelligence. It includes the mind, but is not limited to the mind.


We champion your capacity to stand in your own personal power and make choices that honor your unique experience of life. We disrupt patterns of dormant behaviors and celebrate all of what it means to be human. 



We commit to illustrating our process by practicing intuitive drawing to access metacognition through your many centers of intelligence. We rely heavily on our intellect when in truth we are far more complex, vast, and dynamic beings. 


By marrying image to language, we access a wider range of perception and information and we get to tell a fuller story than by words alone. 


We make our thinking VISIBLE and therefore, CONCRETE. 


Once you can “see” what’s happening within, you have the access point you need to develop greater agency in your life. You get to observe what’s happening and make new choices that are more aligned with your intentions.


By putting pen to paper, we:

    • Embody the process, practicing presence with both our mind and body, making physical contact with our thoughts and feelings
    • Get in touch with our senses
    • Connect logic and imagination, bringing coherence to both lobes of the brain
    • Interrupt the obsessive thinking loop
    • Access information that is hidden from our conscious state of mind 
    • Practice deep listening to our inner world by hand
    • Uncover the images that live inside of us and bring awareness to the symbols that illustrate our story
    • Document our process and create a mirror image of our inside world that we can come back to and work with consciously
    • Enter in conversation with our images to develop awareness around our inner narrative
    • Grow the capacity to witness, honor, and release sources of suffering
    • Write and illustrate a more conscious story, taking action on the wisdom revealed

What are the logistics?

  • We meet virtually on Zoom.
  • You choose a journey of either 3, 6, or 9 sessions to start.
  • You will need pens, paper, colored markers, pencils, and a wide open mind anchored in the intention to show up for yourself.
  • Set up a 30-min free call with me to connect, ask your questions, and explore pricing options.

Who are my clients?

I work with soulful individuals who seek to live from a place of intention and heart, and who are willing to do the inner work to achieve that. 


If you have a deep desire to take a look inside and get curious about your unique, original, and personal experience of life, I welcome you with hope and excitement.


If you are ready to become the change that knocked on your door to greet your passion and courage over your fear, I am looking forward to meet you.


You are here and the time is now. I would be honored to be your guide.


About Sophie


I am a certified visual coach, Intentional Creativity® coach, certified dream teacher, and intuitive artist. My background is in education and leadership.  


I stand at the threshold of my own becoming every single day. Weathering many intense storms in my own life, I learned to use hardship and setbacks to access a higher ground of self-awareness and increase my creative potential. I understood that places of limits can become places of expansion when we’re using appropriate tools to access wider vision.  


My love for the artistic process led me to study the power of images, imagination, dreams, and intuition and their implications and role in deep process work. “Threshold” is the gift of years of struggle, passion, and commitment to becoming the most conscious storyteller of my own life. I developed this offering in response to others asking for my guidance as they are walking their own edge. Here’s to you. 

Sophie Rose

Answering a few questions you may have...

Do I need to have any drawing experience to work with you?
None at all. The drawing we practice is intuitive, which means we are harnessing the lines and shapes that already live within. You are an innate image maker! Isn’t it awesome?

What happens once I schedule an initial consultation with you?
We discuss your intention to do this work with me and determine whether it is a good fit for the both of us. If it is, we will discuss pricing options and plan your journey together.

Why do you require a 3-session commitment at minimum? 
For several reasons. First, my coaching work is relationship-based and relationships take time to develop. Second, working with intuition, images, and dreams require a commitment to engaging with the process over time to feel comfortable using the modalities and integrating the power of their wisdom. We are setting ourselves up for success by allowing time to integrate all parts of our work together.

What if I don’t know how to listen to my intuition? Can I still work with you?
Absolutely! And even more so I would suggest. Intuition, images, and dreams are an innate part of you whether you acknowledge them or not. Together we will intentionally engage with them as allies to deepen our work. It is important to honor ALL of who you are and the vastness of your being to discover your limitless potential. 

More questions? Book a connection call with Sophie


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