I am an artist in action for soul seekers like you.

Together we leverage the power of imagination

to close the gap between you and your dream

so you can live what you love & feel more alive,

clear, and free. Welcome home!



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We create with every decision we make.
What are you excited about bringing to life?

You have creative license to imagine what brings the most meaning to your life, and you can decide to make it matter. Your authorship has a unique shape and voice. What does it sound like? What does it look like? What is its message? What impact does it seek to have? 


I believe we have an innate desire to contribute to this world in a uniquely personal way. I live by the idea that we came here to dream into form – to create and to experience each other’s creations. It begs the question: what drives our creations? Are we even aware? How do we find out? 


Mostly all our experiences offer us a chance to find out what matters to us in a life-affirming way. The next step is to take conscious action to express its essence with courage and authenticity.  To get out there and “do your thing” so to speak. So where exactly can we begin? Now, and within.


Imagine stepping in with intention, tuning in to your inner wisdom, co-creating with the soul world you are connected to, and opening yourself to a broader spectrum of seeing, a more conscious state of living, and a wider capacity to love? I’m talking about the type of love that powers your care and respect for yourself, your community, and the land you live on; that gets you to speak and act with clarity, conviction, and grace; that sparks your imagination and believes in you unconditionally? 


If that sounds inviting, it is my joy to connect with you. It is also my work and privilege to guide you with soulful methods and creative processes that establish connection and spark conversation with your inner world in transformational ways. 


Thank you for being here. If this resonates, get in touch with me.


Are you going through a transition in life and seeking support to navigate it while practicing growing closer to your own intuition? I offer private visual coaching sessions. Get on my calendar here for a free connection call or visit the full offering for further details.

Are you interested in trusting your dreams to gain clarity, guidance, and confidence in your own creative power? My private dream coaching sessions might be a good fit for you. Get on my calendar here for a free connection call or visit the full offering for further details.

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