so you can reclaim what belongs to you in the most sacred way

in the art of your life.

Hi! I'm Sophie - intuitive artist + soul guide, practitioner of the healing and energizing powers of artful + spontaneous + intentional mark-making.

I’m here to inspire you to reclaim your vital Soul Self and make your colorful mark on life, whatever that looks like for you.


I am here to help you claim space and voice, getting back in touch with what lights you up while being witnessed by other humans who care to do the same and cheer each other on along the way. 


I am here to support you on your healing journey, one colorful step at a time.

The love of my life is to walk this path of inner beauty, wellness, and wholeness with you. WELCOME HOME!

There is something magical that happens when you allow your mind to rest and your hands to take over to show you what might be at play under the layers of your physical experience of life.


I’m inviting you to pick up a pen and a brush with me on this journey of self-expression, self-discovery, and healing to cultivate the riches and beauty of your own inner landscape. Why? It is one way I know to contact Soul in a direct, pragmatic way so you can remember who you are + your own power to create, turn the lights back on from the inside of you, practice self-love, and inhabit the vastness of your sacred being right this moment.


We may have in common that at some point in our lives, dimming our light was the safe way to ensure our survival, and for good reasons. Along the way, though, we may have forgotten what truly makes our hearts sing and we find ourselves searching for meaning and direction. For allies and inspiration. For wellness and wholeness.


It is the best time to come home and reclaim the magic of your Soul Self so you can live aligned with what’s true for you and fall in love with life all over again. Or at least feel better about what’s here now.


You don’t need to consider yourself the “creative type” to work with shapes and colors and make your mark. All you have to do is drop into your hands and let imagination be your guide. Let me show you.


With love always,


Working with images is a way to help us PROCESS ENERGY

Energy speaks in the form of thoughts, feelings, or dreams. It matters to engage consciously with energy when we realize that energy CREATES. 


Meet your Soul Self on paper! Join me for a fun practice of drawing ourselves home to Soul. All you need is paper, markers, a black pen and an open heart and mind.

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