I am wildly in love with the possible magic at our fingertips when we dare enter our inner sanctuaries and remember who we are and what we know. When we see the beauty and capacity of our own powerful spirit, first hand.


There came a time when I could no longer “do life as programmed.” I had to reimagine a life in which soulful balance was regained or I was in trouble. My body rebelled first, before my head had time to put language to it.


I had been painting for while already, playing with colors and shapes in a very intuitive way. I never sought to reproduce existing works, I sought to connect within, even though I was not conscious of it at the time. It was natural curiosity. And an urgent need for self-expression and healing. 


A series of deeply personal experiences led me to become aware of the presence of the Divine Feminine as a guide. I discovered that there was another way to live respectfully in balance with myself and all of life. 


I discovered that the Divine was as proximate and alive as you and me and spoke directly to us. The experience came first through my hands, and I chose to trust it.


My journey took me on several pilgrimages to the Divine Mother around the world to reawaken within me a power of Love I had forgotten I had. A power I could share with others so they could remember too. A power I sought to deepen with wonderful teachers I found along the way who showed me how they worked with it to expand my “vocabulary” of healing, intuition, creativity, connection, and respect.

Today I dedicate my practice to teaching and guiding in a way that turns our soul flame back on, encouraging and celebrating the creative expression original to each of us so we can reclaim the gifts of our original essence and live colorful, soul-directed lives.

Here’s to you. I’m glad you’re here. With love,

Sophie Michaud Rebrand
I believe in you


My joy is to be of service to spirit seekers like you who are curious about what's possible when we embrace the soul of who we are.

A wider path of self-discovery and self-love.

“Sophie holds your hand not to lead but to steady you as you find your balance, your true path, and supports with the gifts of her art, her healing visions, her energetic observations, and insights with integrity, humility and humor. She is an amalgam of esoteric wisdom and the newest methods of inquiry and personal development. And that twinge of a French accent that seeds itself into her words from time to time produces a unique voice that is delightfully spirited, decisive, kind, and completely trusting in you and your ability. Sophie is a unique facilitator and artist that set me on a wider path of self-discovery and self-love for which I am so very grateful.”

Yvonne Scott, Writer, Author of Simply Garden Small!

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