"I have learned to let go of the control I don't have, and
embrace the messiness of life as a creative process. The unknown is my ally.
I practice mining its treasures rather than fear its consequences."

I identify as an intuitive artist with a deep-seated, fierce belief in the human creative spirit. I believe it to be whole, resourced, resilient, delightful, loving, and capable. This belief fuels my hope and my work as an artist, dreamer, teacher, and coach. 


I am interested in creating containers of experience that encourage and celebrate the creative expression original to each of us. 


I am fascinated by the images that live within us, illustrating the stories we tell, the beliefs we hold, and the shapes and colors our lives take on as a result. 


I am inspired by your hopes, desires, and dreams and by the privilege I have to place a pen, a marker, or a brush in your hand to see for yourself and show me.


I am wildly in love with the possible magic at our fingertips when we dare tap into our childlike spirit that seeks to understand, connect, and express itself from a place of imagination, positivity, awe, and wonder. 


And so I became a certified Visual Coach, Intentional Creativity® Coach, and Dream Teacher, with a background in education and leadership topped with a pinch of glitter. 

Sophie Michaud Rebrand
I believe in you



My hope is to be of service to soulful seekers who are curious about what's possible when we embrace all of who we are. Meaningful journeys often start with a question. What's yours?

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