A personal journey of visual + intuitive guidance

Customized to your intention

At a time of change, transition, and transformation

So you can reconnect to your colorful spirit and live what you love.

Are you at a crossroads where you are:


  • Experiencing personal suffering due to illness and/or grief and you want to walk this time with conscious presence and guidance to find your way through with compassion?
  • Undergoing a major life transition, such as redefining a relationship, a career, or considering making a serious change and you want to make a decision that feeds your soul, not simply satisfies your mind or your finances?
  • Exploring your relationship to your own spirituality and desire to invite more Soul into your life to feel energized, engaged, and live grounded in the vitality of your own spirit? ~ Then welcome. You’re in the right place.

so you can:


  • Establish lightness at a moment of density, confusion, and darkness
  • Interrupt patterns of obsessive thinking, self-doubt, fear, and self-sabotage
  • Grow in self-esteem and confidence
  • Strengthen your intuition 
  • Unleash your inner creator and honor your colorful self 
  • Feel deeply grounded and resourced from within as a the powerful being you already are.


  • Practicing listening to our intuition and trusting its direct guidance
  • Reconnecting with the power of imagination, dreams, and synchronicity in life
  • Dropping into our hearts, and let our hands show the way
  • Taking the artist’s way forward to create the life we long to live

This experience is a blend of deep introspection, creative self-expression, spiritual exploration, and practical application to help you reclaim a deep & sincere connection to yourself and your place in the world.

official photo from Laura

A Balm For Uncertain Times

Sophie Michaud is a gifted teacher and artist with an innate ability to distill what matters most in the lives of those she serves.  Her unstoppable drive and unshakeable faith is a balm for these uncertain times we live in.  Through her unique blend of creative processes and active dreaming techniques she will skillfully and artfully lead you to a life of more joy, creativity, purpose and meaning.  Working with Sophie you will feel supported, guided, nourished, and completely heard while transforming at speeds you never knew possible.  She is a woman of high integrity who walks her talk and shows others what is possible with an unwavering faith in their inner connection to the divine.  

Monica Kenton, Spiritual Guide for Life and Business & Dream Teacher

  • We meet virtually on Zoom or in person if you are in or close to Buffalo, NY
  • We will work both on paper and on canvas. You will need simple materials like a mixed media journal, markers, pens, and some paint. 
  • Set up a 30-min free call with me to connect, ask your questions, help design your personally customized experience, and explore pricing options. You are worth it!

Dig Deep To Discover Your Path

For me, I immediately recognized the absence of judgment. Even meeting virtually, I felt a connection with Sophie which allowed me to really dig deep into my most authentic and vulnerable self to discover my path. Her impact was strong, and I always left our time together feeling hopeful, content, and open to either trying something new or willing to try something yet again.

j. e. bowders, Leadership & Life Coach

I work with soulful individuals who seek to live from a place of intention and heart, and who are willing to do the inner work to achieve that. 


If you have a deep desire to take a look inside and get curious about your unique, original, and personal experience of life, I welcome you with hope and excitement.


You are here and the time is now. I would be honored to be your guide.

Working with Sophie is a delight!  Sophie brings a compassionate, wholehearted presence and listens to you with her entire being. She asks intriguing, challenging questions which brings an experience of fascination to the conversation.  I find dreaming into the future with Sophie is so easeful and rich. Clarifying my vision and calling with Sophie’s guidance becomes a memorable experience that I continue to reference as I curate my learning and entrepreneurial journey. 

Chatelle Jeram, Wellness Coach & founder of KelleStudio

Answering a few questions you may have...

Do I need to have any drawing or painting experience to work with you?
None at all. The drawing and painting we practice is intuitive, which means we are harnessing the lines and shapes that already live within. You are an innate image maker! Isn’t it awesome?

What happens once I schedule an initial consultation with you?
We discuss your intention to do this work with me and determine whether it is a good fit for the both of us. If it is, we will discuss pricing options and plan your journey together.

What if I don’t know how to listen to my intuition? Can I still work with you?
Absolutely! And even more so I would suggest. Intuition, images, and dreams are an innate part of you whether you acknowledge them or not. Together we will intentionally engage with them as allies to deepen our work. It is important to honor ALL of who you are and the vastness of your being to discover your limitless potential. 

More questions? Book a free connection call with me.


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