Your Soul’s Sacred Design: Exploring what you came here to do and be


Intuitive Acrylic Painting Seminar with Artist Sophie Michaud

Saturday, May 4th, 1-5pm

In person @Painted Love, 145 Belmont Ave Suite 2, Buffalo NY 14223

  • Regular class fee (single ticket, full price) $125
  • One ticket for two (if you want to attend the class as a couple, with a family member or bring a friend along, select this option and enjoy a 10% discount.) $225

See description below for further details.


Paint the unique design of your soul and experience feeling more alive, clear, and free.

“Why am I here?”

Have you ever wondered about the sacred design of your soul? About what you came here to do and be?

This intuitive painting seminar explores what your soul longs to be expressed as, and what your core being needs to thrive in this world, in this life.

In a world where, in many ways, the logical takes precedence over the imaginative, how can we begin to access the information, the wisdom, of our soul’s path?

Through an intuitive painting process, we will get in touch with our deeper intelligence and ask a sacred question: why am I here?

We will spend time in inquiry, contemplation, and creation to reveal the soul guidance meant for us as we paint our way through this sacred question and start aligning our lives with its energy.


Who is this for?

If you are an adult interested in 

  • Practicing creative spiritual exploration
  • Reclaiming the power of soul in your life and its gentle yet pointed direction
  • Feeling renewed, inspired, clear, and free

this painting seminar is for you!

This class includes conversation, meditation, painting, and reflection.

No painting experience required! All levels welcome!

Please note:

  • This class is in person at Painted Love Intuitive Arts & Wellness in Buffalo, 145 Belmont Ave Suite 2, Buffalo NY 14223 
  • This class is for adults.
  • All materials are included in the tuition.

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