Making Waves


“Making Waves” painting by Sophie Michaud

High Quality, archival Giclée prints on paper or stretched canvas.

PAPER PRINTS: 18″ x 24″
Archival Quality: Giclée print on bright white Moab Entrada Fine Art paper, ½ in white border finish

Archival Quality: Giclée print on Breathing Color lyve canvas mounted on premium quality wood stretcher bars, 3/4 in thin gallery wrap, satin finish.

These sizes are selected for best rendition of the artwork.


If this image chose you, if you feel a deep resonance with it, its message to you is this:

“When you think the story is over, so much more remains to be told. This new beginning may be the end of a limiting belief that has governed your life in a major way and is now ready to shift to make room for more of You.
Making waves is less about settling for what we think we should be and do, and more about revealing and embodying your unique design, singing a song only you know. This song is your inner tune, calibrated to your wisdom and sacred gifts. When you share it with us, you radiate your light and uplift us all.
So by all means, make waves my friend. Let your heart of gold direct your experience and set a standard for what works for you. Let nourishment and abundance flow from there. Here’s to embodying your brilliance from an uncaged heart space. I, for one, want to hear you sing and see you shine.”
Making Waves, ©Sophie Michaud 2023